Hi everyone,

Insurgency: Sandstorm releases in a few months and we're all very excited to get it in your hands. In order to ensure the best possible experience on release, we are doing another round of Windows PC-only Alpha testing.

There have been a lot of changes since our last Closed Alpha. We'd like to get feedback on all the new maps, balance changes, UI improvements, matchmaking systems, and server hosting functions that have been updated since the last public test. When providing feedback please keep in mind that the game has not yet been fully optimised and some content is still work in progress, this Alpha is intended as stress test and not indicative of the final product.

This "Closed Technical Alpha," as we are calling it, is not a part of the pre-order Beta access program. Any players who pre-order Insurgency: Sandstorm on Steam will get access to an exclusive Beta version a few weeks before release. Players who are in the Closed Technical Alpha will not necessarily have access to the Beta unless they pre-order.

Steam login is mandatory to access the registration form. Please login with the Steam account you will use to play the Closed Technical Alpha. Forum registration is also mandatory, as it is our main tool to gather your feedback.

Please keep in mind that this Closed Technical Alpha is covered by a legally binding Non-Disclosure Agreement, meaning you won’t be able to share any screenshots, videos or information about the Alpha outside of the dedicated hidden forum.

If you're interested, please answer the questions below - we'll contact you by email if you're selected!

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